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  • AVOID getting your lashes wet for 24 HOURS after they are applied.

  • AVOID taking hot showers because the steam can also loosen your lashes and leaving your skin feeling dry and tight.

  • You can wash your face normally but clean around your eyes with a Q-Tip using oil-free makeup remover.

  • AVOID sleeping on your lashes. Causing friction can also loosen your lashes.

  • There is no need for Mascara, but you can use water based mascara made for lash extension.

  • Oily skin, excessive makeup, and active sports can also play a part in how soon a retouch is needed.

  • Please remember that some eye make-up removers and eye creams contain oil which can soften the adhesive.  

  • Home care, lifestyle, and lash condition plays a part in how long your lashes last.

  • If some lashes fall out you can have your lashes filled in. If one is hanging, make sure you don’t pull out the lashes because the others that are attached may also come off.

  • AVOID putting pressure on the lashes or touching the lashes in a downward motion.

  • Use hydrating eye drops if you have dry eyes and sensitive eyes.

  • Eyelashes MUST be removed by a professional, please return to the salon in which the lashes were originally applied.

  • It is recommended to apply Protective Coating once or twice per week on your new lashes to preserve the look and to extend the life of your eyelash extensions. Brush on from the base up to the tips. This coating also give the lashes a wonderful shine!

  • Your lashes shed 5 hairs a day so it is okay that some will fall off.

  • Mix baby shampoo and a cup of water to wash the lashes because it doesn’t harm to skin.



Microbladed Eyebrows

Don't Panic it will lighten up! You will find that you will have less to touchup if you finish with your procedure feeling that it looks a little to dark. When the healing is complete it will look just right. Remember the skin is not transparent like a windowpane, it is opaque and so the color intensity must be greater to be visible after it has healed.


What you might experience after: Tenderness because you just worked in that area. Swelling ice packs can be used to reduce inflammation and provide comfort. Important to place a clean tissue paper between the ice bag and the skin to prevent frostbite. Tylenol is recommended for temporary pain relief.


Daily regimen: Apply ointment frequently, keep eyebrows moist during the healing process which generally takes three to four days or until peeling or flaking occurs. This sloughing is part of the healing process. Do not touch the treated area unless you are applying ointment. No Scratching, rubbing or picking  of the area. When showering don't let the water hit directly on the freshly treated area for any length of time. Water can be drying, and disturb the implanted pigment. Washing your face should also be done with great care, avoid scrubbing your new eyebrows. Instead gently pat clean your new eyebrows with a water dampened cotton ball.  Do keep your new brows clean.


Lighter color : Is expected after the final flaking has occurred. When the skin has healed around the pigment it will soften the color because the skin is not transparent. Your skin color will change the intensity of the pigment. That is why your initial application should be darker. If you have loss of pigment and you feel you need a touch up wait four weeks before second application. Giving it ample amount of healing time.

Keep in mind: If you sunbathe, always use sun block. Do not use alpha hydroxy or glycolic treatments directly on top of the eyebrows this may cause lightening or pigment loss.

With proper application of your new brows and correct after care you will enjoy your new brows for years to come.


            Please call to make your 5-6 week touch up.

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